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Earn Points

UCBstore.com has an awesome point rewards system. For all of our valued Customers, you can earn reward points on your purchases (when you purchase any product which has the orange gift box icon). You can use these accumulated points towards your purchase(s) on any of our select products at UCBstore.com.

How it works

  • How do I earn my reward points?

  • You must register when you checkout in order to earn and accumulate reward points. Checking out as a Guest will not earn you points. Hey! It takes just as much time to register at checkout then it does to checkout as a guest so go for it! We dont share your personal info with anyone, ever! Yes, really!

    Every purchase earns you reward points. For every $1 dollar you spend, you will earn 1000 reward point towards your account. These reward points can be used for purchases on select UCBstore.com products from this website.

    When your purchases are confirmed and complete, the acquired reward points will be approved and added to your account. You can check your accumulated points in your account at anytime (you will also receive an email when you earn and spend points).

    To spend the points you earn you can easily use these points at checkout on your next purchase or continue to accurue points. When you have enough, reward yourself without even dipping into your pocket!

  • How do I use my reward points?

  • Simply browse our website catalogue and view our extensive range of products. Select products will show the points that you would earn when you purchase that product. Once you have finished shopping, simply navigate to the checkout and select if you would like to use your current earned points on that purchase.

  • All the info on how many points will earn and have to spend will e on the shopping cart page
  • You can view and select how many points you wish to use at the checkout
  • At the checkout, you can also view how many reward points you will earn on this order

  • How do I access my reward point data?


  • When you log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard
  • Each product also shows the Reward Points available on purchase
  • At the checkout, you can view how many reward points you will earn + also how many points you have available to use=
  • You can also send your points to a Friend from your Account!

  • Terms & Conditions


  • UCBstore.com reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Reward Points system as it deems fit any time without notice. Any changes to be notified on the website.